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In life there are not only happy people who enjoy life to the fullest, but also those who want to become happy at work. I'll explain how you should do it, which golden rules to follow, so please read on.

1).Recognize the opportunity. Everyone in life gets his chance, whether he uses it or not everything depends on person alone.? There's only very few opportunities to take advantage of.

2). Seize the opportunities.? Use always your first gut feeling whether you accept this chance or not, if you think only too long about it, make you're guaranteed wrong. Just trust yourself. You really can do this!

3). Always be on time, better come a minute or two earlier, but never later.?

4). Do good work, regardless of others (the others are not as motivated as you are).

5). Educate yourself, attend courses or further training.

6). Participate in departmental life, participate everywhere.

7). Speak often to colleagues and superiors, express your opinion openly (but with caution, there are sneaky colleagues who like to harm you would like!)?

8). Get mentally fit, come to rest with yourself and enjoy nature. Take yourself as you are right now. Close your inner Peace with yourself.

9). Make yourself better. Eat first in a week 2 days as a vegetarian (no meat), otherwise everything you like in small quantities.? Drink more Water, at least 1.5 - 2 litres a day and move a little more. Walk more stairs instead of taking the elevator all the time. Or if you are the Stress comes to rest a bit, stay at home for a few days. Please get some more sleep and go to bed early. Do something for your health please, after all, you're the one who's suffering.

10).? Stick around, don't backslide and screw everything up.? Always and always believe in it;- "I can do it", "I was born for it".? If but then please take a break for a week and back to points 1 and 2 / 8 and 9.?

Let me tell you a story:

"A hard-working employee, who has been with the company for approx. 12 years, is aware of the fact that every year the boss is able to  reward selected employees for a good job.? Every year, he is allowed to create a an unscheduled wage increase. After another year he asks the boss, the boss sees it the same way, that after 13 years in the company it is the turn of the employees to reward for the good cooperation.?

?Two instructions are given to the human resources department for a 2-step wage increase. Level1 is called The boss, at his own request, leaves the company and goes to a world-famous truck manufacturer into a leading position.

?As the new boss the old good acquaintance is used by the employee. The months go by, it does not come to the ?another raise. After 8 months, the employee asks the new boss, it was stopped, and it will not be inactive. And even worse, there's a fight and the new boss said "you can go, get out of the car companies, there are enough competitors in the area to find new jobs".? The employee said: "I am longer "to the company like you, and I'm staying!"?

"And without a raise, the years will pass."


1). The friend / the acquaintance as new boss brings only disadvantages, a completely unknown would be better.


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