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In life there are not only happy people who enjoy life to the fullest, but also those who will and still seek their destiny.
It is worth it
Life is diverse with ups and downs, you experience all this every single day of your life.  If you feel disadvantaged, if you think that the success has left you, then you are wrong!  It's not like that. You had to do a lot to succeed. Without diligence there is no price!

Believe me, you're not alone. This is how most people in this world feel, the vast majority have resigned themselves (that they always have bad luck in life).  Only a few, very few, declare war. And believe me, up to 75% of them will make it.

I'll explain how you should do it, which golden rules to follow, so please read on.

1). Get mentally fit, come to rest with yourself and enjoy nature. Take yourself as you are right now. Make your inner peace with yourself.  That's the only way to get ahead, or else you won't.  Maybe try to do things you never thought possible, but always wanted to do. Just do it. Just let things come to you the way they are, just take things calmly. Realize your dreams;- for example;- run marathon, take 1 week off and drive away, visit Paris, London or Lisbon, buy an iPhone, get drunk once in a while, and if you don't have it, jerk off.  Don't do drugs, never! Otherwise you're gone!  

2).  Make yourself better. Eat first in a week 2 days as a vegetarian (no meat), otherwise everything you like in small quantities.  Drink more water, at least 1.5 - 2 litres a day and move a little more.  Walk more stairs instead of taking the elevator all the time. Or if you're under a bit of stress, get some rest, stay home for a few days. Please get some more sleep and go to bed early. Do something for your health, after all, you're the one who suffers from it.

3).  Only if points 1 and 2 are already implemented, think about how to proceed.

4).  Recognize the opportunity.  Everyone in life gets his chance, whether he uses it or not everything depends on person alone.  There are very few opportunities that you can take advantage of. But if one comes, use it without ifs and buts.

        "According to the boss, a group of IT employees should appoint a person of their own who
         should serve as a forerunner for the joint tasks. No one wants to do it, just as additional.  No
         work, no salary increase, no personnel responsibility, and no one wants to do it.  After 4 years,
         however, this position is given personnel responsibility and becomes group leader of the group.
         He has become the boss, and all employees may no longer go straight to the "old" boss, but
         must now clarify with the new boss. Who thought so four years ago?"
         Was this a chance?  Did you know it was coming four years ago? No. The odds are always so
         minimal and so rare that it's hard to tell.

5). Seize the opportunities.  Use always your first gut feeling whether you accept this chance or not, if you think only too long about it, you do wrong guaranteed. Just trust yourself. You really can do this!

6).  Stick around, don't backslide and screw everything up.  Always and always believe in it;- "I can do
         it", "I was born for it".  But if it gets too late, please take some time out for a week and go back
         to begin to point 1 and point 2, then continue again, and see how it works!

7). Become happy!  Everyone can do it his own way!
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It is worth it



You can do it too